Time to get creative

phoebegandercreativeSo, I have made a logo! That must mean I now need to make some things to sell!! Oh and soon I will be launching my facebook page to go with my blog (ha I just typed bog) and this is the logo I’m planning to use. Clappy hands!

creative round logo

Next week I officially have time to be creative! YAY!!!! My little boy, J, has a place one morning a week at a daycare centre and I am finally ready to cut the umbilical cord and leave him there for 4 hours a week so that I can make art, create, sew, take photos or ok, just drink tea, eat chocolate and read a magazine (oh and maybe, just maybe, clean my house..) Ok I know, 4 hours is not that much to get stressed about but when I had my babies I swore I would be a stay at home mum till they went to school if we could (and very fortunately we can) afford it… But I didn’t realise at the time that that might be at the expence of my  own sense of self, and ability to keep hold of ‘me’. So I am ready, willling an able to get creative again, and my 2 year old WILL survive being apart from me for a short time.

Oh and I will too.



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