About me

Hi I’m Phoebe.

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I’m a mother, a wife, a tea drinker, and I live in New Zealand. Oh and I like to be creative too.

I have two wonderful sons. The oldest one is called Sennen and he’s currently four. He is both brilliant and exhausting in equal measures. Brilliantly exhausting if you like! We are almost certain he has high functioning Aspergers syndrome, (although as yet he doesn’t have an official diagnosis…) He is very bright, very full of energy. He is the puzzle that I am constantly trying to figure out. It seems more pieces get added day by day, and it becomes more complex, more difficult but more beautiful and fascinating at the same time. And well, he is just our wonderful boy. The younger is called Jago (both names are Cornish) he is my sensitive one, is is the calm to the storm, but having just turned two (at time of writing) he is finding his little personality and can definetly give his big bro a run for his money! Niether were great sleepers as babies, and both dropped thier day naps close to the age of two. This is the reason I drink so much tea. If you are a mum you will understand what I am saying! So I am just now finally getting back into being creative, yay!!

This blog is going to be a place where I want to document my journey through motherhood, my passions, and my creativity. I hope you enjoy.

P.S. You can contact me at phoebe.gander@gmail.com x

DSCF0289 - Version 2


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