Joy is…

DSCF9119 Freshly baked gluten free bead…(recipe to follow)
Proper Tea
PG tips, in my favourite mug…DSCF9034 (1)Unpacking my patchwork quilt from our boxes, shipped from the UK… Underwater fireworksExperiment fun with ‘underwarter fireworks’ (blog post with instructions to come soon)…

S0251071Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman, off to their first ever disco.



Mini Volcanoes

More science fun with kids. Yay!


Two of my fave things to keep S entertained have to be vinegar and baking soda (I always make sure I have some in my cupboards!) One of his favourite things – volcaones.

I saw this ‘experiment’ on, where else – pinterest, so had to give it a go and it was a hit. All you need is…

  • baking dish or tray with sides
  • vinegar + small bowl/cup for it to go in (any vinegar woill do but I used white)
  • baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
  • pipette or medical dropper
  • food colouring (optional)

Pour a layer of baking soda in your chosen dish. It needs to be about a fingertip deep so first make sure you have enough of the white stuff (or behold the meltdown when you have to abandon the experiment before you have begun..) I mixed a little food colouring in 3 small dishes so we had 3 colours to work with. The experiment is still fun with just plain old vinegar though. Next hand over to your child the pipette (bought mine from a chemist) and watch the joy on thier face as they drop the vinegar onto the baking soda and wacth the ‘volcanoes’ erupt!


J was well into it too! This is great for fine motor skills, concentration, learning about reactions and colour mixing, but best, its pure magical fun for the kids.  Of course by the end it was one big colourful mess but hey, no harm in that and it was super easy to clean up. Image

Definately one will be doing time and time again! x

Time to get creative

phoebegandercreativeSo, I have made a logo! That must mean I now need to make some things to sell!! Oh and soon I will be launching my facebook page to go with my blog (ha I just typed bog) and this is the logo I’m planning to use. Clappy hands!

creative round logo

Next week I officially have time to be creative! YAY!!!! My little boy, J, has a place one morning a week at a daycare centre and I am finally ready to cut the umbilical cord and leave him there for 4 hours a week so that I can make art, create, sew, take photos or ok, just drink tea, eat chocolate and read a magazine (oh and maybe, just maybe, clean my house..) Ok I know, 4 hours is not that much to get stressed about but when I had my babies I swore I would be a stay at home mum till they went to school if we could (and very fortunately we can) afford it… But I didn’t realise at the time that that might be at the expence of my  own sense of self, and ability to keep hold of ‘me’. So I am ready, willling an able to get creative again, and my 2 year old WILL survive being apart from me for a short time.

Oh and I will too.


Organise the Chaos

So one of the reasons I have decided to write this blog as a way to document my journey through motherhood, as so many days get swept up together and lost in the blurry confusion of the past. A bit like when you wake from a really good dream but by the time your cup of half drunk tea is cold you have forgotten what was so great about it as all the details and ‘realness’ of the dream get lost… Anyway, that is kind of how the past 4 and a half years feel. Since my son was born with the sleep deprivation that followed and then the second baby arriving, throw in a 9 month visit to the uk and it all seems to be one very long a chaotic dream.

And since Senny, my oldest, comes out with the most amazing things and so often I forget them by the end of the day (bad mother alert!) I felt I should have a place to document them. Also I will be able to reflect back at the crazy times when I am older and my boys are grown up and I will be able to say “look, maybe it was fun after all!” ha ha :) I also want to keep track of my journey to understandingmy kids and how our daily life is affected by the fact that we are pretty sure that our oldest boy has Asperger’s Syndrome.

I feel like such a weight has lifted off me since I realised that  Asperger’s is most probably a part of what makes Sennen the way he is. That now I realise that he IS different, and not just ‘naughty’ because I am not parenting him effectively, or that I am some how doing something ‘wrong’ which if I did ‘right’ things would magically click into place and be easy (ha yeah right!) but actually, now I know why he is sometimes so difficult, so frustrating and challenging, I can learn to understand, empathise, and work with him rather than feeling like life is a constant battle against him.

I have accepted that he is not your ‘typical’ child. I have accepted his difference from me and from his brother, and that has been like a lightbulb turning on, illuminating a way of understanding him.

Hurrah! Hooray! Knowledge is power, and I feel empowered knowing that I can now help him be the best version of himself that he can possibly be. And now I can learn to be the best mother that I can be for him too.

Perhaps life will now resemble organised chaos slightly more than just a chaotic dream…

we shall see.



 Senny being “paracute man” x