Robot Party Piñata

I am not the type of mum who goes ‘cray cray’ about organising a themed party – you won’t find matching plates, table decorations, party bags etc at my kids b’days, (if you do then hats off to you but seriously I do not have that much time on my hands, of frankly the money) but we have started family tradition of sorts that whatever The Cake is we also have a matching Piñata. So far we have had a ‘Space Rocket’, ‘Monster’ and the latest, ‘Robot’ theme.

You’ve got to love piñatas, seriously in my book a party is not a party unless you have a thing to bash that contains sweets/lollies/candy… For J’s party I thought, he’s two, he does not care for nor need pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical statues to name but a few of the traditional games that bring out the stress in me… but a piñata, oh yes, he needs one of those! I love them, but I do not love the $$$ price tag that goes with them in the shops when I know that their main function is to be destroyed. So of course I make my own!


This year, The Robot was actually quite simple.

  • A cardboard box
  • a few cardboard tubes
  • a bit of string
  • tape
  • glue
  • some silver or grey spray/craft paint
  • paper & scissors
  • decorations of choice such as milk bottle tops,pipe cleaners, stickers etc
  • something to fill piñata with (important ha!)

I didn’t spend too long making it ‘perfect’ the only bit of effort required really was cutting out the bottom of the box and loosely taping it back on using paper strips, this was so that two years olds would not find it too hard to make the goodies inside escape. I then got my husband to add the tube arms using string and glue on the ‘eyes’ (at this point I was busy making The Cake) and spray paint the whole thing with leftover silver spray paint we had in the garage. In the morning I filled La Robot with lollies (I am going with lollies since I am in NZ but I would normally call them sweets) and also party blowers. FYI kids LOVE party blowers. my ears however do not. Final touches were the pipe cleaner antennas, stickers and mouth from a bit of paper. All that we needed to do now was hang him up, let each kiddo have a turn with the bat and wait for the lolly explostion!


Who had the most fun?! Oops that would be me.

Here is the cake. I only took one crappy photo of it with my not so flash phone (tad annoyed with myself for this) But you get the jist. I totally just copied it from here

IMG_4167Less then 6 months to the next party. Yay!