Underwater ‘Fireworks’

Not really fireworks at all. Just a simple experiment ulitising the properties of oil and water, and the beautiful result of food colouring unfurling and spreading wonderful patterns and colour in front of your astonished child (and your own) eyes.DSCF9188

Note – before you start, explain carefully to your child that there will be no real fireworks invloved, just an underwater display similarย to firewrks. That way you won’t have a sulking toddler on your hands. Just saying…

You will need:

  • Glass jar,vase or similar (Taller and slim is better that a bowl)
  • water
  • 2 tablespoons oil – any veg oil will do
  • Red, yellow, blue food colouring – no more them 3 drops of each colour
  • small measuring jug
  • measuring spoon
  • teaspoon



Fill you jar/vase 3/4 full with water


Pour your oil into a small, easy pour jug. Add 2-3 drops of each food colouringย no more then this, LESS IS MORE! (*note, we first did this with 3 colours, the second time with just two. I actually preferred only 2 colours as they mixed to form a secondary colour i.e. yellow and blue made green, the 3 colours together ended up a brown shade which wasn’t so exciting. Too much food colouring won’t give you good ‘fireworks’) Let your child to stir the oil and food colouring into the jug to break the droplets apart, they won’t mix.

DSCF9158Give it a good stir!

Tell small person to carefully, slowly (s.l.o.w.l.y….gahh we had one big mess when it all overflowed) pour the oil mixture into the water. Now wait…it takes a little bit of time…but sit back and watch with fascination as the oil and water separate, and ‘ta-daaaah!’ there you have it, underwater fireworks!

DSCF9186 DSCF9172 DSCF9177We repeated this a few times till they got bored, (which usually takes S about 5 minuts) It was really was interesting seeing the different colour combinations and wacthing the colours slowly unfurl in the water, just a little bit magical. I’m not sure if ‘fireworks’ is the best term for this underwater display, but it kind of adds to the drama so I’m going to stick with it!

Oh S wanted me to stir the water too and it created a whilrpool, which was fun to watch and another learning moment!ย DSCF9163ย A quick and easy indoor activity. x

Blow Art with food colouring

ImageAn easy way to get creative with your kids using items that are probably already in your home.

you will need:

  • paper
  • food colouring
  • container for food colouring and water
  • dropper, plastic syringe or with adults help, a small spoon
  • drinking straw

Simply dilute a few drops of food colouring into a small amount of water in a cup or jar and hand kids the dropper (or similar) to allow them to put a few drips on the paper. Yes you will probably end up with one peice of paper that gets a drenching but that is all part of learning! Then they just need to blow (for little ones they need to know how to blow, not suck! You will probably have to ‘model’ the process on your own piece of paper. S knows how to blow but still ending up witha green tongue…at least it was food colouring though!)

Let them add hand drawn or googly eyes with the ink is dry if your child likes spotting aliens in their artwork!


ImageJ managed and he had only just turned two.

“Every child is an Artist” – Pablo Picasso