Fairies in a Jar (The truth exposed!)

I kept seeing this photo on pinterest time and time again, and know that I had to try it as well, it looks amazing so who wouldn’t want to give it a go?!

fairies in jarPhoto from pinterest

But before I continue, can I just say one thing, the above photo is IN NOW WAY REAL!!!!! It is, I am convinced 100% photoshopped. Even though we followed the instructuions to the letter, the results were nothing like this photo. However it was still pretty awe inspiring for my boys and so I would say that it is still worth trying to make ‘Faries in a jar’ but just prepare yourself (or maybe your kids) for a slightly more realistic outcome, as I have shown in my photos here.

You will need:

  • a jar with a lid
  • a glowstick
  • some diamond coloured glitter (I am not utterly convinced I used the right sort of glitter, or that it is even necessary but we went with it as per the original instructions)
  • scissors

Fairies in a jar

You need to make sure that the next part is fully supervised as glow sticks can contain some nasty stuff in them that you don’t want your littlies getting on themselves…

Snap your glowstick to make it ‘glow’, then carefully cut the top off to shake it in the jar. If you find this tricky (as I did) cut both ends off and blow (without putting your lip to the glowstick!) the contents into the jar. I found blowing it in more sucessful then shaking… Note the distance I was blowing from!

blowing the glowstick into the jarmaking fairies

Then add your glitter, and pop the lid on…

Then shake!

Thats it!!!

Next, overcome the slight dissapointment that it doesn’t look remotely like the pinterest photo…

Then marvel at the glowy-ness…

Now quickly retreat to a darkened room for fairy watching!Fairies in a jarWatching fairies in a jarFairiesThe Fairy CatcherHere is my little fairy-catcher.

The boys had a jar of fairies each, and were very excited to go to bed with them as a glowey nightlight next to their beds. As I said earlier, I think the glowsick liquid shaken in the jar was what produce d the look of the fairies – I am not sure the glitter did much to add to the effect, however as the glow faded by morning it was nice to see the glitter inside the jar. I think in hindsight perhaps a jar of water filled with diamond glitter might make a more similar effect to the pinterest photo…?

I wil have to try it and see! x



Joy is…

Things that make me say “ahhh” this week…baking with my boyBaking with my boy…
DSCF1012Drinking Tea. A whole cup. While it’s still hot… (rare occurance)

IMG_3812Wintery beaches…



My mini me…DSCF1284

Little J, asleep by the fire…

Have a joyful day. x

Joy is…

DSCF8554A visit to one of my favourite places, the Eastwood Hill Arboretum. Best place to go in the Autumn!!


Even though I’m a professional photographer (that always feels a bit weird to say out loud, but err, i kinda am I guess!), this is one of a very rare few photographs we have of all of us together. And don’t we all look sooo happy! Ha, kids, they never smile on que… We actually had a lot of fun, and I was taking photos of a lovely friend’s children which is one of the reasons we visited here, but she kindly offered to take a few snaps of us all together!



Us having a picnic at the nearby Rere FallsDSCF8469Just love my boys

Simple joy x