Salad Spinner Art

Salad Spinner ArtThe most fun you (and your kids) will ever have with a salad spinner…

You will need:

  • A salad spinner (no, really?!)
  • paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • non-toxic poster paint, watered down slightly if it is thick.
  • blu tack or masking tape
  • child, or children, if you decide to let them join in…

Take the inner basket out of your salad spinner and draw around it on a peice of paper so you have an idea of how lagre your paper will be. Use this as your template and cut several peices of paper into this circle shape.

use a piece of blu-tack or masking tape folded over ontu itself to secure a piece of precut paper inside of the basket.




Let your child (or go on, have a go yourself) put a few blobs of slightly watered down paint on to the middle of the peice of paper. Be as experimental with colours as you like! Get them to try the 3 primary colours to guess what colours will be created (using red and yellow for example).

Pop the lid on and SPIN BABY SPIN!!!!

DSCF1335 DSCF1334 DSCF1329Remove your paper and admire your artwork! Then try another, and another… (be warned, salad spinner art is seriously addictive so be sure to have enough paper handy!)

Spin Art

Make sure you wash your spinner thorughly, before using it actually spin salad (or keep a spinner just for art making purposes!) x



Finishing a painting…

I was asked by a friend to paint a painting for a space in their house… oh about two years ago! But Along came baby number 2 and then lots of sleep deprivation and a 9 month trip to the UK, and my good intentions alone were not enough to finish it. (how often have I wished I could clone myself!???) Anyway, finally, fiiiiiinally, it is done, and now hanging on their wall and I feel very relived and just a tiny bit pleased with it. It took many different directions before it was finished, many layers of paint and some printing too, but it feels soooooo good to put my ‘Artist’ hat back on!

DSCF8450 - Version 2Close up of ‘Tidal Flow” – Acrylic and woodcarve print on canvas

Tidal FlowMy work in its new home – Im fairly pleased with the outcome!

p.s. I think they are too 😉


Pimp my spoons


(Sorry about low quality photos – waiting for my new iphone and can’t wait!)

Saw this done on pinterest (where else! I LOOOOOOVE pinterest!!!) and couldn’t resist giving it a go. Too easy, who doesn’t have old tester pots or leftover paints lying around!? All you need then is some plain wooden spoons, masking (painters) tape and a paint brush!


So to make your plain old boring spoons instantly fabulous, just mask off a portion of the spoon that you want to paint, paint it with the colour of your choice, and leave to dry. I rested the bit of the spoon covered in masking tape on a tray edge so they dried evenly and didn’t stick to anything… When the first cost is dry, add a second coat and leave to dry again before removing tape.  (So HARD, I am sooo impatient!) Of course you could go out and buy some acrylic craft paint in a special colour if you want to spoons to match your decor… And if you really want them to see the distance and be safe to use in a dishwasher I’d probably add a coat of clear matt varnish, but I am much too slap-dash for that! I was so pleased that I made some as a gift for a friend’s birthday, and printed out a nice hand-typed recipe to go along with it.


My lovely spoons chillin’ in their new home, a mason jar.