My mini scientist – volcanoes

IMG_3451 IMG_3445 IMG_3446my son Sennen, loves science. He doesn’t realise that loves science yet, as he is only 4 – but he is fascinated by all things that react, erupt, change, evolve… Pretty much like all boys really! If there is something that is going to involve a messy reaction or interesting ‘magical’ change then he loves it, and of course wants to know “why?” at every step of the way. So I have become quite adept at finding ways to bring science into his life (and that of little J who’s two) mainly through Pinterest (what would I have done before Pinterest??!!!) but we also got a great book from the library recently which has some great kids experiments. High five to good old libraries!

One of our favourite things to do was to make volcanoes on the beach. It’s so simple to do, and yet soooo effective and most importantly FUN!!! what more could you want then colourful eruptions and sand combined?! All you need is:

  • White wine vinegar
  • Food colouring
  • Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
  • small plastic cup and spoon.
  • A beach or sandpit. Or you can do this in your garden with mud. (woah! mess alert!)

Before you set off, add your food colouring to the vinegar. We did orange, naturally, as S wanted the authentic lava look. But let your wee one choose! Green lava? why not!

Let your little mate sculpt a volcano. If your like me and totally need to get involved, sculpt your own one too. (That way it can be your own perfect volcano, yay!! and you will feel like a good parent for not taking over your child’s attempt… Oh yes it does happen to the best of us, oops)

Poke a little hole in the top and put your cup in, then spoon some baking soda into it. Now let Einstien pour in some vinegar and voila!!! Volcano eruption!!!! The great thing about doing it on a beach was the sea water made a moat around our volcanoes and the water turned bright orange, so even tho the eruption fun was over fairly quickly, we spent a good hour just playing with the water and volcanoes. Next time I am definitely taking toy dinosaurs too…